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Augmented Reality Apps for 3D Modeled Car and Real Estate

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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in m
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The cutting-edge technology allows user to have a great digital experience with print media. Using Augmented Reality technology, BMW had made their printed car models live in front of user in 3 Dimensional space.

Augmented Reality presents 3D view with additional digital information supplemented with videos, photos, sounds on top of items. BMW Augmented Reality app uses a giant marker to visualize the 3D model of the car featuring all ins and outs. The 3D model of a car can be further simulated in different colors and designs. When your phone camera placed over the magic symbol it generates an augmented 3D view of BMW on your smart-phone screen.  IMI & their partners have made print media live on your smartphone with the help of amazing software.

Paras Buildtech India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most reckoned builders in real-estate industry, which has been built to revolutionize the Indian infrastructural market, has also shown interest in building the 3D models of building using AR apps. The versatile app has been designed by IMI for Paras Buildtech India Pvt. Ltd. to present the 3D model of a building. The technology can also be used to simulate the 3D model of a building, shopping mall or any other establishment. The app makes it easy to understand the proposed model of a building. The technology works on marker recognition software, where you can simply point your phone camera over the hologram and can visualize the 3D structure.

Paras 3d modelled augmented reality app

IMI & their partners developed versatile augmented reality app that can be used for varied purposes. The app can also be used to visualize the 3D model of furniture’s such as chair, table, or other official or home based furniture.   Along with car 3D model, the app can also be helpful for bike lovers to visualize the 3D model of motorbikes in different colors and design. The app can also augment the printed image of a shoe in 3-dimensional space. The 3D modeled can be visualized from angle with the help of smartphone camera.

More innovation in the Augmented Reality world is paving the way to enrich the real world environment with more magical experiences. BMW car model integrated with Augmented Reality app provide ideal support in sales and maintenance work on the vehicle with full view of interior and exterior.

We have made great effort in developing the magical app to visualize the building and car models in 3-dimensional space. We have a team of experienced professional and engineers who make the impossible possible.

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Anupam Singhal is a software engineer by profession who also holds an MBA, in marketing. He has almost 15 years of experience in software development, project management, business intelligence, marketing, promotions, and advertising. Anupam is a serial entrepreneur and proved his entrepreneurial instincts by founding software focused company and his latest venture, a social networking platform called Mr. Singhal compares Flaash .com to of the business professional world, as it serves the same professional networking platform for models, actors, singers, dancers, and artists.


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