We build custom and customizable Augmented Reality apps for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android that elevate marketing campaigns, ignite live events and engage retail app users. Partner with us for experiences that get results, delight customers and defy reality.

Our services help brands to:

  • Interact & engage with the end user longer
  • View features of products closely and broaden your customer reach
  • Generate leads throughanalytics
  • Create virality through social media sharing and cross channel marketing

Interact & Engage with your consumers for longer

Attract, retain and engage with consumers through an immersive experience. Our app becomes the lens through which the real world can be spontaneously 'unlocked' and converted into content-rich, interactive experience.

Reach out to your customers everywhere

Our app brings the static, physical world to life - whether at home, in-store or on the go. Make your campaign multidimensional and use it anywhere.

Analytics: Get more accurate data on your campaigns

Easy to use dashboard to track and measure key metrics – ROI, click-through, how, where, for how long and when users interact with content provided. It is an amazing tool to get even the geographic location where the content was streamed.

Leverage cross-marketing advertising

Simply add a new distribution channel to your existing campaigns and maximize the reach by tapping into our single, cumulative user base.

Look at the chart below to see the possibilities where AR can be used:


What Client Says

Rocky D
Date: Jun 24, 2012

Interactive Media International is a “one stop” shop for all our programming needs. They cater to our customized needs all while offering great customer service at affordable rates.
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