Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality is a technology that wipes out the difference between the real and the digital. This technology resonates with the customers in such a way that lets brands actually interact with them. Be it, taking a test drive of latest car model, playing a game or learning new recipe. It is now the big thing in the mobile world and has the capacity to amaze people with its possibilities.


The main concept of Augmented Reality is to superimpose graphics, audio or any other sense enhancements in a real-time manner. The technology incorporates three components which include head-mounted display, tracking system and mobile computing power into one unit.


This technology is soon going to be a big deal for business. When it comes to getting a good customer experience, brands need to be more creative. See, how it can affect your business:
1. Marketing tool: For brands to make a real impact on customers, marketers need to be more thoughtful and creative. In today’s world, there are two types of organizations – those who understand and have utilized mobile AR as a definitive marketing tool and those who have not. It can prove to be a great tool for brands to market themselves and help them stand out of the crowd.
2. Advertising: If you want your organization to be seen as innovative, augmented reality, if pulled off correctly, is the technology for you. You brands being the first one will have a good impact in the market. AR helps customers an enhanced view of the product prior to any purchase.
3. Social Media: To get an unpaid word-of-mouth marketing, social media combined with AR would be the best option in today’s technical environment. If the users are impressed with the product, it will enhance their desire to share with the extended networks.
4. Presenting information: AR presents an innovative way to present the information about the company or product in a surprising and contemporary manner.
User-interaction control and feedback: Once you have served the consumers, it is important to gather their feedback about the product. This is one crucial factor in determining the success of the business. Use of AR for this will make the job easier for you and the customers as well.
5. Geographical data: It can help to get the geographic distribution of customer using your location. This can be very helpful for good tuning of marketing campaigns run by brands. They can get an idea about the geo difference and tastes into your services.

AUGMENTED REALITY AT Interactive Media International (IMI)

IMI & its partners are the biggest and the most innovative firm working on augmented reality in India and in USA. Our application which is available on all major platforms including Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and Symbian, is the fastest delivery platform currently available. We have been designing Augmented Reality applications in various fields including advertising, marketing, utility, education, entertainment and others. With hundreds of brand activations and almost all print companies of India onboard, we have proudly created a lot of digital magic throughout the world.

As a leading Augmented Reality company, IMI has developed several AR applications compatible with most of the smartphone platforms like Android, IPhone, Windows and Symbian. After years of research and development, IMI has established international presence in the same industry. We craft premium 3D experiences for a growing network of digital organizations. IMI has delivered services to leading brands like Maruti Suzuki, Times of India and others.

With the dedicated team effort and tireless work of technocrats, IMI is spreading the Augmented Reality technology to each and every corner of the world. Our AR experts are dedicated to the development of not only fast, easy and useful Augmented Reality applications, but also to make it elegant and effective that enables user to gain detailed information within shortest time-duration.

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